Monday, April 15, 2013

0 Boston Strong

A day so bright, sun high, skies clear
Love, laughter, family, friends gathering
Running for charity - the focus of the day
Celebrating the birthplace of America
And honoring those who believe in freedom

Heartbreak Hill meant halfway through
Panic abounds when explosions rock downtown
Marring the perfection of the day
Acts of cowardice and chaos take over
Bringing true heartbreak to the finish line

News spreads quickly, rumors faster
Numbers pour in of injured and dead, fear taking hold
The nation and world feel the shock of this disaster
Disbelief, rage and anger take over
Horror echoes across the social-media stratosphere

As the smoke starts to clear, acts of bravery come to light
A man cradles a victim, people run to help the injured
Donations, offers of shelter, food and assistance to strangers
Outpourings of kindness amidst confusion and pain
As tears continue to flow

No matter who or why, they failed in their mission
Picking the wrong place to attack
Continuing to extend our hands, hearts and hearths
We will rise proudly and punish those who harmed us
The heart and soul we will always stand Boston strong

Copyright Karen Kast 4-15-13


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